Roy Dental Care - Smiles For Life

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On March 1st we launched a fundraising campaign called Smiles For Life in partnership with Roy Dental Care. This is a national program where dentists offer teeth whitening services and half of the cost goes directly to a nonprofit - in this case Youth Futures. You don't have to be a preexisting patient, and it's a heck of a deal! There are three whitening options - a short term take-home kit ($50 min donation), a personalized mold ($50 min donation), and an in-office treatment ($100 min). The other half of what you donate will go to the Smiles For Life organization, so you know that every dollar will support kids in need.

Please tell your friends and family about this opportunity and be sure to encourage participants to take photos of their treatment and tag both YF and Roy Dental Care (

There’s an introductory video posted on Roy Dental Care’s website (, so please share this on your personal pages. Some offices have raised as much as $10,000, so let's do what we can to spread the word!

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